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Kamares - Sifnos - Cyclades

You chose Sifnos, the beautiful island of Cyclades, to spend unforgettable summer holidays. So, discover our island. Your tour of the countryside and beaches, your visit to the historical monuments and the numerous churches and your acquaintance with the culture and tradition of the island will justify your choice.

Sifnos is a part of the Western Cyclades. It is located between the islands of Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos. Its highest mountain is Profitis Ilias with an altitude of 680 m. It is distinguished for its natural beauties, its beautiful beaches, and its unique history.

During your tour of the island starting from KAMARADO STUDIOS we suggest you visit:

  • Apollonia, which is the capital of the island and is 5 km away from KAMARADO STUDIOS. It took its name from the ancient Greek god Apollo who was worshiped in antiquity in the area. Today it is the commercial and administrative center of the island. The traditional architecture and the uniformity of the buildings of the settlement impresses every visitor.
  • Platis Gialos and its homonymous Beach. It is 13.5 km away from our complex. It is the most famous beach of Sifnos, which every year is awarded with the blue flag of the European Union. It combines natural beauty and excellent tourist facilities.
  • The Castle which is 8 km from KAMARADO. It is one of the villages you should definitely visit. The small castle town of Sifnos is inhabited since ancient times. The medieval settlement is built on a steep hill and in the same position as the ruins of an ancient acropolis.
  • Artemonas, located 7.3 km from our complex. It is considered, not unfairly though, one of the most beautiful villages of Sifnos, due to the fact that it has many mansions and neoclassical mansions, with impressive gardens, creating a majestic atmosphere.
  • Chrisopigi, the small peninsula that is 12.7 km away from our band. In here, you will enjoy the idyllic scenery as small coves create landscapes of unique beauty. On the edge of the peninsula the monastery of Panagia (the Holy Virgin) is built, which was founded in 1650.
  • Faros, the picturesque fishing village that is 12 km from our accommodation. It has the most sheltered harbor of the island, as it is protected by the three capes (Faros, Glyfos, Fasolou) that surround it.
  • Vathi, the small seaside village with the popular beach located 13.6 km from KAMARADOS STUDIOS. Here you will enjoy your swim and taste fine local recipes in the taverns of the coastal zone. The island has a great history in art, as you will discover by yourselves in the village of Vathi which has a tradition in pottery. Do not miss to visit a pottery workshop and buy a handmade ceramic utensil or decorative. You will be surprised by the huge variety of designs and their excellent quality.
  • Herronissos located at the northernmost tip of the island and is 13.8 km far from our accommodation. It is a small fishing village with special natural beauty. It is sheltered in a small creek and stands out for its simplicity and picturesqueness. The seaport of the area is the wonderful beach with the golden sand and the crystal-clear waters.

Nature lovers must certainly get to know the island by following the traditional paths. During the last years, Sifnos is visited by many walkers for this very reason. Walking the traditional paths of Sifnos is a unique experience as almost all areas of the island are connected to these trails. The routes through the wonderful nature are of indescribable beauty.

In Sifnos there are many churches. Throughout the year, traditional festivals are organized, where it is customary to offer food (usually chickpea or meat with potatoes) followed by traditional feasting with violins and dances. It is worth attending such a festival as it is a lifetime experience. Such as Profitis Ilias, Agios Panteleimon, Panagia, Agios Nikitas, Taxiarchis etc.

And if the tour whets your appetite, we must remind you that you are in the homeland of the famous cook Nikos Tselementes. Sifnos is an ideal destination for every foodie as the local cuisine of the island is famous for its exquisite delicacies. Try the traditional dishes of Sifnian cuisine such as chickpea balls, chickpeas with garlic sauce, chickpeas in the oven, traditional mastelo (goat or lamb baked in a clay pan in the wood oven) and capers salad. Do not forget to taste the local Sifnian sweet delicacies, such as marzipan, dips, pasteli, bourekia and kourabiedes.

Sifnos awaits to grant you with exquisite moments of relaxation and new experiences.